Monitor Instruments, Inc.
Monitor Instruments, Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial audiometers and audiometric accessories, offering quality instruments and professional calibration services for audiometers and acoustic safety equipment since the early 1970's.
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The MI-300 Calibration Monitor

The MI-300 is used to perform a quick 'biological' test on your audiometer prior to daily testing, as required by OSHA. It is easy to use, cost effective, and works well with most manual and automatic audiometers.  More information...

The New MI-3000 Audiometer

One audiometer with two distinct versions, the MI-3000 offers versatility and ease-of-use at a lower price. It is an economical, manually operated audiometer that tests frequencies from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz, including standard interoctave frequencies. With the addition of the Monitor Basics software, the MI-3000 audiometer offers flexible communication capabilities that enable control of the audiometer by a Windows-based computer, allowing the operator to set up, start, and visually track the progress of automatic threshold or screening tests. More information...

The MI-5000B Series II Microprocessor Audiometer

First introduced in the early 1980's, the Monitor MI-5000 series audiometer has been recently reengineered to meet a goal of another two decades of dependable service. It is light, portable, very user friendly, and still one of the lowest priced field calibrated microprocessor audiometers available today.   More information...

The MI-6000 Microprocessor Audiometer

Introduced in 1995, the MI-6000 audiometer featured a built-in printer, test storage capability, talk over, numeric keypad, battery backed clock/calendar, and many user programmable features. This model is currently being phased out of production in favor of the new MI-7000 audiometer.

The New MI-7000 Microprocessor Audiometer

The MI-7000 microprocessor audiometer is designed to meet the demands of corporations with comprehensive hearing conservation programs, yet priced to meet the needs of small industries on a strict budget. With all the features of the MI-6000 (and more) in a small, portable instrument, it is well suited for either stationary or site to site testing.   More information...

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