Monitor Instruments, Inc.
Monitor Instruments, Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial audiometers and audiometric accessories, offering quality instruments and professional calibration services for audiometers and acoustic safety equipment since the early 1970's.
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Company History

Monitor Instruments, Inc. traces its origins back to the beginnings of two separate companies established in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina in the early 1970s. The first, Demlar Medical, Inc. was founded by Mack Preslar, and specialized in the development and manufacture of state of the art clinical audiometers. Mr. Preslar has always been active in the fields of acoustics and audiometrics, and is listed as a member of the working group that developed the ANSI S3.6 1996 Specification for Audiometers. The second company, Monitor, Inc. was led by William Creech, and concentrated on the distribution, calibration and repair of audiometric and acoustic related safety equipment, such as dosimeters and sound level meters. In the late 1980's these two companies were purchased and merged, becoming Monitor Instruments, a division of Ennis, Lumsden, Boylston & Associates (ELB).

ELB, a national leader in its field, provided consultation to industries to help them develop, construct and maintain safety, industrial hygiene, medical, and hearing conservation programs that met or exceeded both state and federal OSHA requirements. Under the guidance of Ray Boylston, former head of the North Carolina OSHA, Monitor Instruments began to focus its resources into developing industrial audiometers, audiometric accessories, and tailoring its calibration services for its industrial clients.

When US Healthworks purchased ELB in 1996, Monitor Instruments Inc. became an independent corporation, consisting of personnel from both the original Demlar Medical and Monitor, Inc. We still maintain very close ties with Mr. Preslar and key professionals at the former ELB & Associates.

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